With All Our Love



Often when a career ends, or a life is lived, human beings write biographies and memoirs.

This is neither. This is not what we’re trying to do. Not because Cheng Huat is unimportant, but because our interest lies elsewhere.

Tan Cheng Huat came to us in 2000. He was our moderator and senior minister from 2000 to 2013. This means that many of our younger readers will not know him. But many of us do.

When Cheng Huat came, we’d never flown a new man we didn’t know for many years into the role of senior minister before. A senior minister taking the reins could change things.

But Cheng Huat did not shake the church down. He was not a loud person, he worked quietly. If he didn’t know you, he was sometimes diffident. He said less, not more.

Despite his self-effacing manner, he brought change and touched many of our lives. What we have produced is a heartfelt tribute written by our congregants, church members, church leaders, people in the pews, older and younger.

People discover they have found a home in a church when their bonds of kinship grow. When we test these bonds and find that they hold, we find words. This is a collection of the words and the feelings that tell us who Cheng Huat was to us.

Many of these stories happened a long time ago. We asked the writers not to fret over accuracy, but to generously offer details because our aim is not just to revisit our years, but open our hearts. They have all done this, whether they wrote short notes or vivid paragraphs that bring beautiful light to the many encounters of love in our church.

Cheng Huat took over from Reverend Graham Ng. He had been the regional director of Child Evangelism Fellowship. With him, he brought his wife Grace and his children. Like him, they were servants.

A leader is someone who opens us up and hears beyond our words. He is vulnerable with us in a way that gives us permission to be vulnerable back.

Is retirement difficult? Does it hobble you? The answer, contrary to popular wisdom, is no. The bone-weary, the unimaginative, or the bitter man will all find new life beyond retirement. And Cheng Huat is none of these.

When we read this tribute, we will see how time has marched on. We may wish we could stop time. But God is calling us to be the light of the world, and when time marches on, we get to see what God has in store for us next.

Geraldine Mok at Cozy Corner.

Back in the day, we had a children’s church. We started it. Ordinary people. We built it. It was a long time ago, about 1999, so there can’t be too many people who remember this bit of our history. The idea of a church for children was to teach children about worship, among other things. So we patterned it after the adult worship service. We put all our kids into children’s church because we wanted them to learn what church was. Who? Well, Justin, Joshua, Julia, Samuel, Druce, Nicholas, Roy, Mikhtam, and many more. We moms and dads were all there, too – Corinne, Dennis, Alerene, Yoke Fooi, pretty much everyone we talked to. We were very invested. There was storytelling, singing, mini-sermons and offertory prayers. Dennis and I even made puppets. We rehearsed our shows before staging them for the kids. But not being professionals, we struggled and lost steam. When Cheng Huat came, it seemed like he was hired for the job. He was the answer to our prayers. We were so happy to have CEF materials. It made our job easier. There was no need to do research. Very quickly, we became confident teachers.

I can’t remember too much now, but I think Cheng Huat reorganized things, closing the children’s church and establishing U12.

One time, I found Cheng Huat painting murals on the corridor of the kindergarten rooms. He is a good painter.

Geraldine Mok

Moving a trestle table would take the strength of six or seven men.

In the early years of Rev Tan Cheng Huat’s pastoral ministry in True Way, I had only a very superficial knowledge of the person – the senior pastor who preached to the congregation during Sunday morning worship services.

I got to know Rev Tan Cheng Huat better only when he recruited me to join the mission team first to a tribal group in East Asia in 2011, and subsequently to Kyoto in 2014.

In July 2011, Rev Tan led a group of True Wayans on a mission trip to the tribe in East Asia and I was in this group. This was the first summer camp initiated by Rev Tan for SQ. We conducted English language lessons to some fifty primary and secondary school students. I remember planning the lessons for each day.  Then I guided the ‘teachers’.

In August 2014, Rev Tan led another group of True Wayans on another mission trip to Kyoto to visit and support a full-time missionary couple there – Richard and Candy, and their children. I saw a very caring Rev Tan during this trip. Our visit included our active participation at a 3-day children’s camp which Richard and Candy had planned.

This camp was held in a campsite situated in wooded area quite a distance away from the city. The campsite needed a lot of cleaning up and re-arranging of furniture before the children’s arrival, and all of us, including Rev Tan, tried to help in any and every way we could.

Being an older man, I had expected Rev Tan to avail himself for the less physically demanding tasks. But it was not so. Cheng Huat, together with three young men, moved heavy furniture from one location to another.

Joyce Peh, Geraldine Lee and Koh Guat Hua.

Serving in missions with Cheng Huat in SQ and Kyoto, I saw this pastor from another angle – a very hands-on pastor, who not only could preach from the pulpit, and plan, lead and coordinate mission trips, but who was also physically available and involved in manual labour.

Rev Tan is  pastor with a genuine love for God and His kingdom work, as well as a heart full of love and concern for God’s servants, especially those in the mission field.

Koh Guat Hua

Thank you Ps Cheng Huat for conducting my father’s wake service. My first impression of you was you were someone who was stern. After getting to know you, I realised you were a warm and loving pastor. Thank you, Grace, for reaching out to my mother and my aunt during the church camp at Desaru. You made them feel at home in their breakout groups. I was worried because my mom and aunt were Chinese educated and spoke only simple English. Grace, you spoke to them in fluent Mandarin. They felt so welcome in our church camp. They came to know many English church members. All the best to you! Stay in touch and happy retirement!

Chai Huey Theng

Ps Cheng Huat, thank you for utilizing your gifts toward fulfilling TWPC’s mission and vision. Thank you for being a good role model. Thanks be to God for your supportive wife and children, all of whom serve God passionately.

Catherine Siaw Kim Yin

Son and mother.

Dear Ps Cheng Huat, what impressed me was your heart and passion for reaching out to children. I got to learn from you way before you joined True Way. I was at a CEF training session for Sunday school teachers. You were very good at art and craft, turning ordinary objects into tools for teaching children. You said jokingly that you were a karang guni man! I remember the picture of the owl you used when you taught about bible characters.

My son John said you were his favorite teacher during his vacation bible school.

You served God so passionately, never giving up any opportunity. You never said no. I know your coming retirement is not an end to your serving God but a new frontier. May God bless you and your household with renewed strength and good health!

Grace Koh

Heartiest congratulations on your well-deserved retirement, Pastor Cheng Huat. Thank you for your years of dedicated work serving True Way Church at Queenstown. You served both the English and Chinese congregations. Thank you for showing us the marvelous example of a godly family, and, most of all, your humbleness and charming smile in all situations. May God bless you and Grace and your beautiful family with great abundance & protection.

Agnes & John Koh

Serene Tan (front), Wayne Kwan in orange T-shirt (back).

What stands out for me most is Pastor Cheng Huat’s heart for lost souls. Together with Grace, he shared the Gospel with my mum in Cantonese. They visited my mum not once but a few times. My mum accepted Christ on 25 May 2019. We are very thankful to God and Ps Cheng Huat! Ps Cheng Huat was an active participant and supporter of our Sunday trail run group. There was a period when he would join us every Sunday till his ministry commitments made it hard for him to continue.

Wayne Kwan

Dearest Ps Cheng Huat, thank you for your faithful shepherding. A long time ago when I participated in my first SQ trip, you came to see us off at the airport. You gave each one of us a tube of vitamin C. I received spiritual and practical support, and I learned how to do likewise to my neighbour. I enjoyed the candor during the runs on the trail. Thanks be to God for the great times! Have a well-deserved and fruitful rest. God bless!

Serene Tan

When Pastor Cheng Huat retires at the end of the month, it will be the passing of an era, not only for True Way, but also many other outreach and missionary organisations where you find his DNA and footprints. Steve Green’s song Find Us Faithful comes to my mind as I write. Cheng Huat has been running the race, passing on the heritage of godly lives, so that he may inspire us to carry on God’s work. It is gratifying to hear he is not leaving us completely. He is not retiring, but re-tyreing. He is only just retreading so he can remain relevant to God’s calling. God bless you, Pastor Cheng Huat. And may you continue to inspire us in the new roles you undertake!

Eddy Teo

Andes Poh at Sunday service.

Thank you, Ps Cheng Huat and Grace for your wonderful blessings to me. When I was making plans to serve in Israel in 2007, I remember you gave me a special music CD called “50 songs of Messianic Praise & Worship”. The songs have become my favourite music. I still play the CD. Also in 2016, do you remember you gave me a free air ticket to Israel? This was because a Hong Kong friend of yours who won an art competition couldn’t go. You have been a blessing to me. I thank God for your many good works done in True Way, SQ and beyond. May your rewards be multiplied and may blessings overflow to all in your household.

Andes Poh

I have served alongside Ps Cheng Huat in the Session, on and off, for many years, both as treasurer and session clerk. The relationship serving as treasurer and session clerk was a little different due to the nature of the two different appointments. Yet, in all those years, I have never seen Ps Cheng Huat lose his temper or became “gan jiong” before. He is certainly a steady leader to have in challenging circumstances. In spite of his coolness, Ps Cheng Huat has a different side which I discovered much later. Some years ago, my family had an issue which some might consider controversial. When we approached him for help, his willingness to help was immediate. I discovered that Ps Cheng Huat has compassion and considers the interest of others. These are certainly qualities I admire in a pastor. Thank you, Ps Cheng Huat. I believe you will continue to stay useful for God’s Kingdom. Anyway, enjoy your “retirement”.

Ng Tah Wee

Baby Esther in her grandfather’s arms.

My dad was often busy with church work which required him to attend many night meetings. He went away on overseas mission trips and CEF work a fair bit. But he was always there, teaching us how to ride the bike, running with us, helping us with homework. He made time to pray with us at the end of every day. There was nothing he would not do.

I remember he was very excited to welcome Esther, his first grandchild. Many of us in church witnessed Dad baptising her.

Dad also baptised us – Yi En, Yi Li, Yi Jing and me. He solemnised Yi En’s wedding, and gave the exhortation at Yi Li’s. He was present for all our key milestones.

I think the best advice he gave me must be: “Don’t worry, just do what you can when you have already committed it to God.”

When I went to Sydney for my undergraduate studies, he flew with me and helped me settle down. That was my dad and it meant so much.

Tan Yi Ling

Always friendly and smiling. A very easy person to get along with. I’ve never seen him lose his temper. He is never harsh with people. He brought stability to the church leadership for the 13 years that he served as senior pastor. I’m always amazed at his adaptability. He is very open to try new things. He has no fear of challenges. He has always amazed me with his ability to preach in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

After stepping down as senior pastor, he continued to preach and administer the sacraments. He supported the pastoral functions of the church. He did bereavements and funerals. Beyond True Way, he was active in the Presbyterian Synod, serving as moderator and general secretary. As our non-resident missionary, he used to send us a quarterly newsletter. I enjoyed reading these newsletters. He was a good reporter. He was transparent, sharing about his ministry work, family and challenges. Sally and I once joined an SQ couples retreat in East Asia in 2016. Cheng Huat and Grace were there. He ran the entire retreat in Mandarin. He was that versatile. We all remembered the little COVID-19 crisis he went through when he and his family flew into Hong Kong to attend his son Yi Li’s wedding. God delivered him. He can play 5-a-side street soccer with youths.

Chng Say Tiong

Ps Cheng Huat and Chong Yoke Fooi.

When you joined True Way Church as Moderator
You promised you would step down one day
You gave up your position to a younger pastor
You led by example, showing us the Way.

Faithful to God’s calling, started with Child Evangelism
Then teaching His Word, preaching in many nations
Thank you for your leadership and dynamism
You have done well, good and faithful servant.

A poem for Ps Cheng Huat by Chong Yoke Fooi

Pastor Cheng Huat (and Grace), I have always been encouraged by your love for God, His kingdom work and His people both in Singapore & globally. You are exemplary as a Christian, pastor & missionary. Your love, humility and zeal speak volumes about your identity in Christ. Your perseverance to reach the ‘unreached’ in your mission work stretched the ‘boundaries’ for a small church like True Way. Through your life and ministry, your ‘being’ and ‘doing’, you have glorified God, edified His sheep, and brought many to Jesus. Thank God for bringing you and your family to serve in True Way. You are a blessing to us.

Tan Bee Bee

Pastor Cheng Huat’s heart for missions is clear to all. His love for the unreached moved him to bring the gospel overseas. I had the privilege to join him on one such trip when I was in my teens. Alongside his ardent passion for kingdom work, Pastor Cheng Huat was blessed with the ability to interact with the locals, despite differing contexts. I saw how the locals responded to his genuine warmth. He took care of all of us on that trip – mission-trippers and locals alike. He is truly a channel of Christ-like love.

Vera Chng

Isaac Tan and his DG at Cozy Corner.

After my ‘A’ level exams, I signed up for a mission trip to Japan. Ps Cheng Huat was the leader. We were there for about eleven days. My role was to be the lifeguard at a children’s camp. The Japanese kids loved the swimming and water games. I remember that I had to cordon off a small section of water using buoys. Ps Cheng Huat left an indelible impression on me. He didn’t just teach the children. He readily joined us in the house cleaning every day. He was both a leader and a servant. He found time to talk to me. Thank you, Ps Cheng Huat for exposing me to what mission work is like in a foreign land.

Isaac Tan

Thanks Ps Cheng Huat for your leadership and guidance on the SQ mission trips. Your calm demeanour and wisdom is an inspiration. You showed us how not to be anxious when things don’t go the way we planned. Your heart for people is made evident in the many years of faithful service in the mission field.

Leroy Lim and Joey Ng

Tan Teoh Khoon setting up a food table.

I served with Ps Cheng Huat for many years in the EDC and Session, and subsequently in Synod when he became general secretary. He is the go-to person for history and background. When consulted for opinions, he is very forthcoming with his views, and these are underscored with strong biblical convictions. As our senior minister, he effected a smooth leadership transition to Ps Kien Seng. Mission work, SQ work and his passion for Christian education formed the hallmark of his legacy.

I’m also surprised that he remembers his interaction with my son Isaac. Isaac joined a mission trip to Japan that Cheng Huat led. When my family was younger, we started family devotions at home. He encouraged my wife Tong Lain and I to join a panel to meet and share our experience with young parents. He encouraged me to serve in the Synod Exco. This exposed me to the workings of the larger denomination. Thank you, Ps Cheng Huat, for your care for us as worshippers and co-leaders, never forgetting God’s call to love within and outside our community. May God continue to guide and empower you even as you enter a new phase, exercising your gifts and talents in the most appropriate places.

Tan Teoh Khoon

Dear Pastor Cheng Huat, thank you for being so welcoming to me from the time I joined True Way. Your quiet and gentle presence is an inspiration to me.

Ellie Choi

Thank you Ps Cheng Huat for your long years of service. Thank you for your dedication, hard work and humility when you served as our senior pastor and subsequently as non-resident missionary in SQ. May you enjoy your retirement and spend more time with family and grandchildren. May God bless you and enable you in this stage of your life.

Effendy Chearles

Yim Wai Heng.

How time flies. I did not realize it’s been 23 years since Pastor Cheng Huat came to True Way. I came to know Ps Cheng Huat more personally after I joined the mission committee. I’m especially thankful to God for sending Ps Cheng Huat to True Way after I discovered he could speak Cantonese to my elderly parents. After elder Florence brought my parents to Christ, they attended Grace Assembly of God’s Cantonese service. After a year, my dad wanted to be baptized. But he was a stroke patient and used a wheelchair and could not attend the baptism classes at the church.

When Ps Cheng Huat heard about my dad’s predicament, he offered to conduct the baptism classes one-on-one at our home. Dad was later baptized at True Way. Ps Cheng Huat and Grace continued to give communion to him at home.

Wai Heng’s mom and Grace.

Their presence and love led my mom to later commit her life to God in 2012. She was also baptized. This photo came from 2014. Cheng Huat and Grace took mom out for fish head curry after holy communion at home. My dad passed away in December 2013, my mom in January 2016. Ps Cheng Huat demonstrated God’s unconditional love to our family.

Yim Wai Ling and Yim Wai Heng

Cheng Huat is a team leader who believes in empowering his fellow pastors. As his co-worker, I was able to plan and run ministries while receiving help and guidance when needed or necessary. He didn’t try to micro-manage by insisting that I should follow his ideas or instructions. This allowed me to grow spiritually in my service as a pastor and to do likewise for the younger ones in their journey toward becoming fellow co-workers.

Ronnie Ang

Thank you Ps Cheng Huat! A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way & shows the way. We appreciate all you do in True Way. God’s blessings be with you & your family always.

Cynthia and Desmond Tan

Shawn and Jerina Ho, their four children, and Jerina’s parents.

Dear Pastor Cheng Huat, thank you for being a fount of wisdom and love. You solemnised the wedding of Jerina and me, urging us to make love a daily choice. We are grateful that you helped us greatly by offering valuable counsel and your steady hand of friendship. We also deeply appreciate Grace for giving all our children their Chinese names. We wish you and Grace a wonderful and peaceful retirement!

Shawn Ho

I want to thank God that I’m in True Way Church. That there is a servant of God like Ps Cheng Huat here. That he encouraged me through sermons. That Grace and he are a good example of a wonderful married couple. May God bless and strengthen this servant of God.

Oraphin Ang

My husband, Daniel Tan, and I first stepped into True Way in late 2012. I remember seeing Pastor Cheng Huat on stage and thinking to myself what a smiley and kind-looking pastor he was. I remember wondering how he would look if he had to rebuke the congregation! In the beginning I had a hazy impression of SQ but through the years hearing Pastor Cheng Huat share about SQ, I have come to better understand what we were doing there. Grace is such a sweet sister. To me, she is the perfect example of 牧师娘. The Tan family are perfect examples of humble servants who seek no glory and attention for themselves. Thank you for all the hard work and heart-work!

Betty Chen

Wong Chee Seng, Ps Cheng Huat and Aaron Yip.

Pastor Cheng Huat and family joined True Way in 2000. The announcement of his retirement brings a tinge of sadness even though we are happy that he can now do the things he enjoys, and at his own pace. After partnering Cheng Huat over 23 years, the most striking thing about him is he is a man with simple trust in the LORD. King David says in Psalm 131: “O LORD, my heart is not lifted up; my eyes are not raised too high; I do not occupy myself with things too great and too marvelous for me. But I have calmed and quieted my soul, like a weaned child with its mother; like a weaned child is my soul within me. O Israel, hope in the LORD from this time forth and forevermore.” Pastor Cheng Huat never sought lofty plans or big ideas for himself or for the church. He never latched on to the big programs that were so prevalent in his day. His preoccupation was to serve God and do His will, one step at a time. Like a weaned child, his soul was always calm, you don’t see him ruffled even when he was confronted by pressing challenges.

He has been a great encouragement to the people of SQ. A big thank you also to Grace, a pillar of strength. Grace was herself a very strong ministry partner. We once heard her share the gospel in Cantonese. We were very touched, and so were the other hearers.

Chee Seng and Poh Hoon Wong

Ps Cheng Huat will be missed very much after years of service and I wish him well on his retirement. May God continue to bless him, his wife and family in the future.

Terence Lee

Koh Siew Peng and Susan Ang.

The women’s ministry has a strong supporter in Pastor Cheng Huat.  He often worked behind the scenes. For example, he designed many of the e-invitations we sent out to our friends and families. They were so creatively painted and worded. One time, the multi-purpose hall we held meetings in was booked with back-to-back meetings. He turned up to help the logistics team get the room ready before people arrived. We remember he mopped part of the hall.

Years ago, we had fundraising. We remember he helped us carry the heavy stuff and even sorted out donated items. This was the ‘supermarket’ stall we had on the fourth floor. Last Christmas, he helped us set up the photo booth at our year-end Christmas event. We took many pictures. Just a week ago, he was one of our trainers at our decoupage session. What a versatile man! His wife, Grace, has been with the women’s ministry since its inception. She gave herself wholeheartedly to serve alongside us with passion and deep conviction. We are very encouraged by her partnership.

Koh Siew Peng and Susan Ang

Thank you Pastor Cheng Huat for the clarity you bring to the Bible. Each time I have a question about a Bible verse, its significance and how it could be applied to life, your reply never fails to light the way! When you preach the Word, I hear God speaking through you. You are indeed a wise and yet humble minister of God.

Joseph Lim

Pastor Cheng Huat and Grace are a very humble couple. They are very approachable. Thank you, Pastor Cheng Huat, for confirming the Christian faith of my son Danny so many years ago. At about the same time, you also solemnised the marriage of Shawn and Jerina. Donald and I pray God’s mercy and grace will follow you both as you follow Christ Jesus.

Josephine Kua

Ong Beng Choo and Jenny Heng.

It’s hard to write the legacy of Ps Cheng Huat in True Way in a short paragraph. After he arrived, he beefed up our children’s ministry. I remember that he organized many training seminars for our teachers. He also planned many outreach programs to children. This was the heyday of True Way’s children ministry, if I may say so. Cheng Huat is a DIY man, a jack-of-all-trades. He could do hands-on mechanical work as well as delicate craft work. He’s very creative, he has many ideas. I learned so much from serving in the children’s ministry with him. What I am today comes from my many years of work there. But it wasn’t work, it was reveling in the joy and hope of children’s work.

Grace is a good-natured and gentle sister-in-Christ. She is a good supporter and wife to Ps Cheng Huat. I remembered her hosting us pre-school teachers to meals at her home. She is a good cook!

When I started PuppetTalk in 2002, their son Yi Li was one of my puppeteers. Yi Li was a natural puppeteer. He was game for challenging roles, including one of a huge puppet dog. Nobody else has since handled that role like him.

Cheng Huat is a fine role model of what it is to age with grace and strength in the Lord. May the Lord bless Ps Cheng Huat with many good years!

Ong Beng Choo

Koh Eng Chuan and his DG meet over Zoom.

Ps Cheng Huat has been with our DG for a long time, since the early 2010’s I think. Being older, he knew more than any of us. He had no airs, just a ready smile. He had many commitments in the evenings, so he wasn’t our DG leader. Kien Meng is our leader. Still he made it a point to join us whenever he could.

We counted on Cheng Huat to bridge the awkward silences when we couldn’t answer the tough bible study questions!

Our DG did a personality test once. Cheng Huat’s score describes him as a very task oriented person!

Koh Eng Chuan

I was a church deacon when Ps Cheng Huat took over from Ps Graham. I remember being struck by his clear vision for the church, which was to love God and make disciples, beginning with Queenstown. We now have churchgoers and members who are doing this. The current pastoral leaders Ps Cheng Huat mentored are now carrying the torch. Ps Cheng Huat going into missionary work was another example of his love for the Lord and people. Ps Cheng Huat, True Way will miss you and your selfless, sacrificial and faithful service. We love you!

Matthew Mak

Michelle and John Cheong and their three children.

Dear Pastor Cheng Huat, you led our BYSID course and opened our eyes to many new ideas, especially that of having a joint account! We enjoyed hearing the stories about you and Grace and the lessons you taught from your heart. We now have a family of our own. Thank you for blessing us with your sincerity and teachings! God bless you in this new phase of your life.

Michelle and John Cheong

Thank you very much for your thoughtfulness and hospitality in hosting a lunch for us. We are from Hong Kong. We and a few others have no or few relatives in Singapore. Lunar New Year can be quite quiet for us. We felt the love of God and being embraced into the church family. We appreciate your sharing and the good food. It was so nice to get to meet your daughter and granddaughters. May the God of grace richly bless and watch over you in the next chapter of your life.

Irene Po and Hoki Fung

When I wanted to become a pastor, my first intention was to go overseas for my seminary studies and expand my horizon with the theological education there. However, Ps Cheng Huat advised against this because he felt it was important to get a good network with local students who would go on to become fellow pastors and co-workers in Singapore. I heeded his advice and have never regretted this. To this present day, I’m in touch with my friends at Trinity Theological College. All of us are part of a WhatsApp chatgroup. Whenever I need information, theological or practical, even down to where I could find a good resort for church camp, this is my go-to resource group. After graduating from seminary studies with Ps George and Ps Ronnie, Cheng Huat said that all of us should return to church to serve at least one term. This was not to make us serve a bond, although the church supported us financially in our studies, or to tie us down. His rationale was young pastors who make mistakes starting out were more likely to find pardon from their home churches. They would get a second chance. I thought this was such a gracious act on his part. Of course, employing three persons at one go put a toll on the church’s resources. But the Session agreed.

I am thankful to Ps Cheng Huat for trusting us to do our work. He did not micro-manage. As long as we did our work, he left us to plan our time and schedules. This allowed me to have some flexibility because Gaius and Gracia were very young at the time, and I had to take care of them sometimes. Whenever I needed time to attend to them, Cheng Huat did not say no. It was very gracious on Ps Cheng Huat’s part to be willing to hand over the reins to a younger person. He was far from retirement age. I have heard of pastors holding on to their leadership for long periods. They don’t do succession planning because they don’t intend to go. Not Cheng Huat. During his sabbatical, I had the privilege to cover his duties as acting senior minister. When he returned from sabbatical, he was ready to hand over to me. But I wasn’t ready. We agreed that I would take over only when I returned from my sabbatical at the end of 2013. So Ps Cheng Huat served thirteen years as our senior minister. I really appreciate Ps Cheng Huat’s humility. He has no qualms playing second fiddle. After 2013, he became associate minister and non-resident missionary. He gave me the freedom to lead. During our pastoral meetings which he joined, he would make suggestions whenever he felt they could help. He had a wealth of experience but he never insisted that we did his bidding. He would let the pastoral team make the final decision. I never felt pressured.

Ps Cheng Huat is ever ready to get his hands dirty in ministry. He’s not the kind of leader who gives instructions and sits back. He is always in the thick of things. Because he is willing to do the work, he inspired us to follow him. He led by example. Even though he is retiring officially, I know he will stay busy. He is presently the interim senior minister for Hope Presbyterian Church. He has already agreed to be the interim senior minister for Living Praise PC for six months because their senior minister is going on sabbatical. Moreover, he has told me that whenever True Way needs him, he will be there for us! He has abundant energy. I’d like to wish Ps Cheng Huat God’s blessings as he enters a new season of his life. Re-tyrement may be a more appropriate term for him than retirement because you can be sure that he will not stop serving the Lord and his people.

Lee Kien Seng

Sofei, Allan and Lisette Wong.

Dear Pastor Cheng Huat,

Our family owes a deep and lasting debt of gratitude to you and Grace for your support and kindness over the years. When we first arrived in 2011 from Hong Kong, life was full of uncertainties. Finding a church was one. Discovering that you and Grace have long ties with Hong Kong made us feel at home. We were so happy that all of you, even your four fine children spoke Cantonese. Thank you for your hospitality. 師母’s cooking is simply splendid!

Being a pastor has got to be one of the hardest jobs in the world. But you have done a magnificent job. Even after you stepped down from being our senior minister, you still kept ministering to us. Thank you for your messages from the pulpit. We attended the marriage course you conducted, we came twice. We benefited a lot from it. Thanks for being approachable, accommodating, and friendly! Just talking to you and 師母 is an absolute joy!

Sofei and Allan Wong

Thank you Pastor Cheng Huat for your labour of love and your big heart shepherding the church. I remember your warm, fatherly smile when I greeted you as a safe-entry volunteer one Sunday morning. Your preaching message to live for the line and not the dot still resounds in my head. As children of God, our life on earth is as temporal as a dot, but we look for the line of eternity.

Yvonne Tan

Dear Ps Cheng Huat, thank you for the years of tips and training on children’s ministry. Our Sunday school teachers and I are better teachers because of you. One piece of advice you gave was: teachers should arrive in class before even the first child so as to welcome him. How simple, yet important! May the joy of the LORD be your strength!

Sharon Tan

Lesley Lai with husband Kok Siong and daughter Christine.

Dear Ps Cheng Huat We may not know each other very well. But I remember that you prayed for me many years ago when I was in need. May God bless you and your family.

Lesley Lai

Dear Pastor Cheng Huat, thank you for shaping True Way into a community for imperfect people to do life together! May God bless you and your family richly even as you have blessed us abundantly!

Goh Nai Ling

Cheng Huat marries En Shyang and Fion.

I remember you when you first joined True Way. You said that you were going to be here for a long time and so you have! It was a great joy to work with you and learn from you in missions. I’m always amazed by your ideas. You are a shining example of living out the faith; not only you, but also your whole family. Thank you Ps Cheng Huat!

Kuah En Shyang

Thank you for your inspiring example of faithful service in all these years. Although you have worn many hats, what really stands out is your affection for your family and the strong bonds that you and your family enjoy together. It is wonderful to see the legacy of faith being passed on and to see how God has provided for you through the seasons of life. Thank you for spurring me onwards in my own faith journey. It has been my joy to learn what it means to be a servant-leader and to serve with you on the pastoral team. My family and I have been greatly blessed by the thoughtful support you and Grace have shown towards us, especially when we first came to True Way as new parents. May the Lord pour forth his grace upon you and your family as you bear more fruit to the glory of God’s name!

Edwin Wong

Happy retirement, Pastor! Thank you for your devotion, dedication and hard work. We appreciate your support for our family. Retire well and enjoy your family life in the Lord!

Jo and Jeremy Chan

Fast boat to Rengit.

Ps Cheng Huat, thank you for more than 25 years of friendship. We remember vividly working with you on many outreach programs, children’s programs, the SQ work and, more recently, the Alpha and Alpha Marriage classes. On mission trips, we often asked you for details. Where will we hold the SQ meetings? What technical equipment will we get? How many participants will come? Your answer was “We’ll know when we get there.”

Thank you for always leading by example, showing us a Biblical model for Christian family and marriage. Best of health, and we look forward to partnering with you again!

Lawrence and Hwee Ling Fu

I had an ex-colleague who was a foreigner. For much of their courtship and marriage, she and her husband lived apart in different countries. My friend decided finally to quit her job and join her husband in the country where he was working. She wanted to attend a couples talk conducted by Pastor Cheng Huat and Grace about building strong marriages. But Pastor Cheng Huat and Grace felt it was not good for her to attend the event by herself. So they met her one Sunday after service to give her counsel.

Pastor Cheng Huat and Grace are an inspiring couple to us in their trust in God, their faithful service to the Lord and in their godly parenting of their four children.

May God’s favour rest on their family and generations to come.

Chan Lai Chun

Thank you for your faithful service. I remember how supportive you were when the idea of starting a young adults ministry was first mooted. You stood 100% behind the effort and said that as long as it helped young people to come together and grow, it could become a young adults service, even if it were on Saturdays. I thank you for your willingness to invest in us, preparing young lives for the Kingdom of God. May the Lord bless you in your new journey, may He amaze you in all His possibilities.

Vincent Goh

Corinne Liu and Cheng Huat.

You’re a chill pill, Ps Cheng Huat! We remember how unfazed you were when you were faced with the mammoth task of ploughing through hundreds of children’s books at the CEF office, end of last year, to restore them to a condition fit for use by local churches. You simply got a team of church seniors together and rallied them to tear, stick, bundle, pack and enjoy themselves even though they were engaged in assembly-line tasks! What made the difference was your ever-cheerful disposition and never-say-die attitude!  Your servant leadership spurred everyone to give of her best to help. We remember how you led us on our first trip to Israel. At each destination, you always waited patiently and never once got flustered or frustrated when your sheep dawdled, or went astray. On a few occasions, you went out of your way to look for missing sheep and brought them back with a smile on your face. We are grateful to God for bringing you to the True Way fold, to lead and shepherd us. When you were first introduced to the True Way community in 2000, you shared the prayer of Jabez, asking God to bless you and enlarge your territory. God has indeed given you the desires of your heart!

Corinne Liu

Cheng Huat does not give speeches. But his words, few as they sometimes felt, were always warm. He once pulled me aside, smiled and asked: “Are you alright?” I was a very young elder at the time, and he wanted to know how I was coping in my new role.

If I’d been the one asking this question of a younger new leader, I would probably have asked a few more. Are you learning? Talking to people, getting to know them? Are the meetings tiring?

This short conversation took place around the time when we were making plans to call Kien Seng as our senior minister. Cheng Huat would soon pass his mantle.

Just three solicitous words, but they have stayed with me many years.

Lee Chung Horn

Hooi Yin and Sean Tan, and their three children.

Hooi Yin and I first met Pastor Cheng Huat and Grace when we attended their parenting talks as new members of True Way. They made parenting seem so easy! We were very impressed by their godly and straightforward approach to raising children and setting boundaries. We picked up tips and tricks which we continue to use today to good effect! Most of all, we are grateful for their support when we were deciding to go into the mission field. It is a blessing to serve knowing that we’re carrying the torch for missions into the next generation! Thank you Pastor Cheng Huat and Grace for your years of service to True Way! May you enjoy your time with your grandchildren and nurture a new generation of faith!

Sean Tan

A family, four umbrellas, God who gives us rain and sun in our seasons.

What do you remember about growing up with your dad?

Dad is a handyman. He’s the one who fixes things around the house. He’s also artsy, he would make toys for us out of cardboard boxes. He gives us beautiful, handmade birthday cards, he folds origami for us. The amazing thing is he now makes toys out of cardboard boxes for his grandchildren.


What did his work mean to him?

Work in ministry and in church was important to him. He’s a very task-oriented man. And he plans ahead and makes sure he gets things done. This is something I really admire of him growing up.


What were his struggles?

Because he always had so many tasks to attend to, he was really focused. So, sometimes it was hard to get his attention when we wanted to talk to him. Dad isn’t very good with remembering names, but he’s very good with faces. He’d say he met someone from church along the street, but could never tell us his or her name.


What sacrifices did he have to make through the many years?

We have known from a young age that dad’s thing is missions. Dad and mum always shared stories of the mission work they did in East Asia with us. I think being a pastor of a local church for such a long time wasn’t exactly part of his own plan. But it was God’s plan. And though he had to “sacrifice” his love for direct missions work, God still used him in a different way. I hope that those who have been on mission trips with Dad saw his love for the lost in the mission field.


How did his sacrifices affect you?

Watching the way dad and mum live their lives has taught me that following God’s will is more important than following what I want. Following God’s will isn’t easy, but it’s definitely worthwhile.


What was the best advice he gave you?

My parents lived their lives trusting that God will provide for all that we need. And they reminded us of this every stage of our lives. I have grown up, and I now see that God has also provided for me and my own family in so many ways.

Dad and mum also remind us of our names and our life verses all the time, especially when we go through difficult moments. They gave us all names that remind us of who God is and how we should live our lives. Dad and mom, thank you for giving us beautiful names that teach us to rely on the One who has given us life.

Tan Yi En

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