Online Outreach Resources

Resources from the Navigators Singapore are as follows:


Resources from the Our Daily Bread Ministries Asia (ODB) are as follows:

a. Outreach Resources: 

b. ODB ‘Discovery Series’ booklets:

c. ODB ‘I Want to Believe’ booklets:

d. ODB ‘Looking at Life’ booklets:


Resources from the Bible Society of Singapore (BSS) are as follows:

  • God’s Care amidst Fear and Danger (English Edition)

  • Hope in the Storm (English Edition)

  • Thea and the Shepherd (English Edition)

  • The Gift of Peace (English Edition)

  • Easter is a Story of Love (English Edition)

  • Not Just Another Long Weekend (English Edition)


Resources from the CRU Singapore are as follows:

  • Jesus: God or Just a Good Man?

  • Why the Resurrection Matters to You

  • A New Reason to Live

  • How one Atheist found God

  • Why does God allow Bad Things to Happen?

  • Is There A God?

  • Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Here’s How to Feel Safe

  • Meaning in Life – Do You Want to Know Your Purpose in Life?

  • What to Do with Loneliness

  • Acts of Kindness