Prayer Ministry

The Church in Prayer is the Church on Fire!

Mission Statement

We trust God to enable His people to embrace His presence and experience His power through engaging intentionally and fervently in both individual and corporate prayers for His purpose to be fulfilled in the life and ministry of His Church.



We desire to faithfully stand in the GAP for God’s people and develop a sense of total dependence upon God through this vital ministry of prayer.


Target Group

Ages: Youths, young adults, adults and senior adults.


Details of Ministry

The Prayer Committee co-ordinates and organises Church prayer meetings, prayer retreat and Learning-to-Pray sessions. We provide intercessory prayers for every Sunday worship. We also provide prayer supports for church evangelistic programmes (e.g. Gospel Sundays, Musicales, etc.). A church monthly prayer calendar is always ready for God’s people to use and engage in fervent, faithful prayers. We currently have only 6 people serving in the Prayer Committee.


Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH) [Prayer Meetings]
Day / Time:
Every first Wed of the month/7.45pm – 9.30pm
Pastor i/c:
Pr George Ang


Who can Serve in this area

Those who like to deepen their prayer life and encourage others in their prayer life are welcomed to serve in this ministry.