Discipleship Group Ministry


To provide an environment for spiritual edification, fellowship, growth and accountability.

To provide a platform for disciple-making to occur.

To build depth into the spiritual life of each Discipleship Group (DG) Leader so that they are encouraged in their walk with God and in their service for God and His people.

Target Group

Adults and senior adults.

Details of Ministry

Each DG meets regularly: either fortnightly or twice a month, and incorporates these 3 components into their meetings: Worship, Word and Witness. In a DG meeting, there are opportunities for members to share their lives and carry each other’s burden. We have altogether 32 DGs. The DGs are growing and serving faithfully. They help to plan and execute Church events such as Alpha Course, Mid-Autumn Event, Church-Wide Tracting, Adventure Camp, etc. They are also rostered for Cozy Corner duties every Sunday.

Every quarter of the month, the DG Leaders will attend an equipping session so as to edify and train them to carry out their roles more effectively as well as to ensure that DGs are constantly aligned to the Church’s mission.

Each pastor oversees 8 to 12 DGs and visits them twice a year.

Venue & Timing

Go to the Discipleship Groups section to see each DG venue and timing.

Persons in Charge

Pr. George Ang, george@trueway.org.sg

Who can Serve in this area

Discipleship Group (DG) Leaders who are Communicant members and have a heart for disciple-making and shepherding.