Cancer Support Ministry

Cancer Support Ministry


Extending spiritual and emotional support and care to cancer patients…



To provide cancer patients and their caregivers spiritual and emotional support so that they can remain steadfast to the Lord as they make this difficult journey.

To share the love of Christ in practical ways with cancer patients who do not know the Lord so that they can have the opportunity to hear the Gospel.


Target Group

Church members, members’ loved ones and members’ friends/colleagues who have cancer

We are prepared to minister to family members of cancer patients too.


Details of Ministry

We listen and allow the sick to express their concerns, emotions, fears, etc.

We encourage them with the Word of God and pray with and for them.

We administer Holy Communion to them if they cannot come to church.

We seek financial support for them from the church as and when necessary.

We concentrate on giving them spiritual support and referring them to existing support groups/agencies that can provide them with the other kinds of support, e.g. medical, social, financial.

If the person is not a believer, our priority is still to offer a listening ear and render practical help, building rapport and showing him/her the love of Christ. We hope that all these will prepare the heart of the person to hear the Gospel eventually.


Person in Charge

Andes Poh,


Who can serve in this area

People who have a big heart to love and big ears to listen