Follow-Up Ministry/A Basic Christianity

This ministry provides a Basic Christianity (ABC) class for new believers and a ABC leader’s training for those leading ABC class.


Mission Statement

We desire to help each new Christian to know and understand the basics of the Christian faith and grow in the Christian life.



We have a team of A Basic Christianity (ABC) class leaders who are keen in nurturing new Christians in their walk with God, helping them to be grounded in the basics of the Christian faith.


Target Group

We mainly do follow-up with young adults (18 to 30 years old) and adults (31 years old and above).


Details of Ministry

We have set aside either Thursdays or Fridays for the Group-based ABC classes. For the one-on-one ABC classes, the day and time can be arranged with the respective ABC leaders. We use the Navigators’ “Growing In Christ” Series materials for the ABC classes. A total of 13 sessions is carried out for each Group-based ABC class. The duration for each session is an hour and a half. There will be ABC leader’s training conducted 3 times a year for those who are keen to lead such a class.


Venue : Room 201
Timing : 7.45 pm – 9.15 pm
Person in Charge : Pr George Ang
Email :
Address : 156B Stirling Road Singapore 148947


Who can serve in this area

Those who are keen in helping new Christians in their spiritual life so that they may have a good foundation in the Word of God and encourage them to grow in their faith.