Our History

True Way Presbyterian Church – English Congregation (TWPC-EC) was the harvest of more than 20 years of labour by the late Rev Tan Leng Tian who lovingly planted the mother church, the Chinese Christian True Way Church, in 1939 in the Tanjong Pagar area.  The church worshipped in the premises of the Sin Chew Kindergarten until 1959 when it moved to its own church premises in Queenstown.  The majority of the congregants of the Chinese Christian True Way Church were Hokkien speaking immigrant Christians from the Fujian Province in China.

In 1970, the then Senior Pastor, Rev Stephen Tan, noticed a group of young church members (children of the first generation of worshippers in the Chinese Christian True Way Church) who were attending the Hokkien service but interacting among themselves using the English Language.  He realized the need for an English Service for the English educated generation, and so the firstfruits – True Way English Service — was formed.  Until 1992, the nascent English Service had operated as the daughter church of the Hokkien Service.  By the grace of God, the English Service was finally blessed with a God-fearing pastor, Rev Graham Ng, who for more than 20 years, dedicated his time and energy to shepherding the English-speaking flock in the True Way fold.

In 1992, the Synod of the Presbyterian Church in Singapore decided on the formation of two language presbyteries – Chinese and English.  In November 1992, True Way English Service officially attained the status of a full-fledged autonomous congregation – the True Way Presbyterian Church-English Congregation of today. All glory and praise to the Almighty Triune God!

Chinese Service English Service
Rev Tan Leng Tian 1939 to 1963
Rev Tong Chiun Chia 1966 to 1969
Rev Stephen Tan 1970 to 1975 Rev Stephen Tan 1970 to 1975
Rev Tew Kah Hock 1977 to 1978
Rev Frank Balchin 1979 to 1980
Rev Enoch Tan 1980 t0 1985 Mr Graham Ng 1981 to 1985
Rev Samuel Huang 1987 to 1989 Rev Graham Ng 1985 to 2004
Rev John Chng 1990 to 2000
Rev   Joseph Kwok 2002 to 2010 Rev Tan Cheng Huat 2004 to 2014
Mr Paul Seah 2013 to 2018
Rev Paul Seah 2018 to Present Rev Lee Kien Seng 2014 to Present

List of Senior Pastors serving in True Way Presbyterian Church from 1939 to the Present.