Profile : Married Couples with grown up children
Meeting Place : Rotation (Home)
Frequency : Bimonthly
Day of Meeting : Sunday
Time of Meeting : 04:30 PM
CG’s Theme : Support and Encourage
BS Material : Common Curriculum
Recommendation for BS material : Study Books by John Stott
Comment/Timetable : Open to taking in new members
Activities Involved : DG meeting program is primarily: Worship, Prayer and Bible Study or Worship, Sharing and Prayer or Worship and Fellowship.

The host of the home will lead in the Worship.

We alternate between doing Bible Study (common curriculum) with sharing by members of their blessings and needs or fellowship. Bible Study leading is usually on rotational basis otherwise it would the DG Leader to do it.

Occasionally, some of the members would continue their fellowship after the DG meeting by having dinner together.

During the year, there are plans to have a couples’ night, men’s and women’s night-out to enhance the relationship amongst members.

We also have year-end Christmas party where we bring our children and invite our parents to attend together.

In 2017, most of the DG members went on the Church organised trip to Israel.

DG members do also arrange leisure trips like to Hong Kong and Bandung.

DG support Church wide Tracting and also Cozy Corner duty.

List of Members :

Edwin Wong (Overseer)

Teo Teck Wee, Philip (Leader)

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