Meet in Siew Peng house twice a month on even weeks after 8.30am service for most months to do bible studies.

Profile : Ladies – Single or Married, Working or not working
Meeting Place : Mei Ling Street
Frequency : Even weeks Sunday
Day of Meeting : Sunday
Time of Meeting : 10:45 AM
CG’s Theme : Doctrines
BS Material : First half of 2018 The Beatitudes by John Stott

Second half of 2018 The Pew Ministry

Author of BS Material : Church
Activities Involved : We share prayer requests and pray for one another. Outreach support in all church wide tracting. Did Chinese New Year tracting in Feb 2018. Social, celebrate birthdays and visitation example at Chinese New Year.
List of Members :
1. LEE KIEN SENG Overseer


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