No physical gathering for worship on 5, 12, 19 & 26 April 2020.

Please refer to the banner above entitled “TWPC-EC 11 AM Online Service” and click on it.


Church Advisory
All worshippers are encouraged to check their emails for Senior Pastor’s weekly church advisories sent out latest by Friday night. As COVID-19 evolves, we will have to update along the way so kindly check every week. If you have not received anything from him thus far, please contact Pr. George so that your email address can be updated. The broadcast will also be posted on the church website.


No Cozy Corner and Community Lunch & Newcomers Get Together
Our monthly Community Lunch & New Comers Get Together and Cozy Corner is suspended until further notice.


Prayer Meeting for April
The physical gathering for April prayer meeting is cancelled. However, there will be a synchronised prayer meeting from 7.45-8.45pm. We will broadcast a guide to help everyone to worship and pray throughout the hour.


Holy Week Convention 2020

Due to the Covid-19 situation, we will not be gathering physically for the Holy Week Convention. However, sermon outlines, together with the sermons will be made available at on 7 April, a day before the convention starts.


Sermon Topics: 

  8 Apr: The Anointed King (John 12:1-11)

  9 Apr: The Glorified King (John 12:20-36)

10 Apr: The Vulnerable King (John 13:21-32)

For families, the head of the house can gather the children for a time of worship before tuning into the sermon.


Primary 1 Phase 2B priority registration exercise
Information on the Phase 2B priority enrolment scheme for those who want to be admitted to Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School or Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School in January 2020 are displayed on the church notice board outside Sanctuary 2. Please refer to the details on the eligibility criteria and the probability of success for this exercise. All relevant forms can be obtained from the Church Office. The closing date of application to both schools is 29 May (Fri). Please send in completed form to Church Office by 15 May (Fri).


Church Camp 2020 is postponed
Due to COVID-19, Church Camp 2020 will be postponed to 11-14 June 2021. We hope that you will put the new set of dates in your diary and join us next year for the camp.


Look for a Discipleship Group (DG)
If you have been in True Way for some time or are new and would like to join or visit a Discipleship Group (DG), please email to Pr George Ang.


Online Outreach Resources
For online outreach resources, you may like to browse this: for more information, especially if you are searching for these titles: ODB ‘Looking at Life’ booklets:

a)”How Can I Change For The Better?”

b) “Is Being Good … Good Enough?”

c) “Why Am I So Lonely.”


Bible Reading Plan (BRP)
Bible reading is a good spiritual discipline. You are encouraged to embark on this journey of reading the Bible from cover to cover. If you want to know God, you would need to know God’s Word because He has revealed Himself through His Word. You may choose between reading the Bible within a year, 2 years or even 3 years. This year, we have booklets of “Word Intake for Spiritual Edification” (WISE) to accompany your Bible reading. Booklets of 40 Day Devotion for New Testament, for OT – Pentateuch, and for OT – Powers are available for collection if you are keen to do this Bible reading or if you have queries, please email to Pr. George Ang.


Disciple-making Poster
Instead of giving out the disciple-making brochure, we have printed a big poster to publicise the different classes which the church is offering and the outreach events that we are organising for 2020. The poster is displayed on the 2nd and 3rd floor noticeboard. A soft copy of the poster will also be circulated to the DGs as well as posted onto our church website. Please refer to it to find out how you can engage and evangelise the lost, and how you can be established in your faith and be equipped for kingdom’s work.


Communion Service and Sunday School/Youth Zone Arrangements
Starting from 5 Jan 2020, children and youth will join their parents/guardians in corporate worship during communion service every first Sunday of the month.  Please note that there will  be no Sunday school and Youth Zone programmes during communion service. To help parents with pre-school children integrate progressively to communion service, there will be a combined pre-school class at Room 105 for children aged 3 to 5 during communion service on 5 Jan, 1 Mar, 5 Apr, 3 May and 7 June 20.  There will be no combined pre-school class on 2 Feb 20 as we are having Combined Chinese New Year Service that day.