30-Day Thanksgiving Journal

30-Day Thanksgiving Journal

As part of True Way’s 30th Anniversary celebration, our church has produced a 30-Day Thanksgiving Journal (30 DTJ). Do note that this 30DTJ is not meant to replace whatever devotional material or Bible reading plan that you are currently using. Instead, we encourage you to use this 30 DTJ as a “faith challenge” for yourself as an individual, a family and/or as a DG. As much as being thankful may not be something that comes easily for some of us, we trust that this 30 DTJ will serve as a helpful guide for our prayer life and teach us to give thanks to God more specifically for the various blessings he has brought to our own lives as well as to the life of our church. To this end, the 30 DTJ is arranged into four segments:


1) With God, 2) With earthly relations, 3) With spiritual family and 4) To the ends of the earth.


Even if some will take longer than 30 days to go through this spiritual exercise of gratitude, what is more important is that we each learn to humbly turn our gaze Godward and outward and gain a fresh perspective of God’s grace upon us and True Way. We can then share our journal entries with one another (e.g. spouse, family, DG and even the church) so that we are overflowing in many thanksgivings to God, for His glory!


Indeed, as God’s people embark on this journey of thanksgiving together for a period of time leading up to our 30th Anniversary celebration (5 November), may God continue to make all grace abound to us, such that in receiving all that we need, we may also be ready to go forth and abound in every good work for the next 30 years and beyond to the glory of God’s name!


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